The Home Security Sales Lady

45 photos; 10:52 video

  With Brenda Bound

   She was going door to door trying to sell the newest security system. There was this one house that was really nice and thought that it needed a good system in place. She approaches the home and rings the door bell. Above the door was a camera with a small red light on it. She new that there was someone watching her and that they all ready had a security system. Instead of just leaving she rings the bell again. A tall muscular man answers and asked can I help you. She tells him that she is sorry to bother him. She explains that she sells security systems and didn't realize he all ready had one until she rang the door bell. Sense she was already here she asked him if he was happy with the system he had in place. He said yes and it works real well. He tells her come on in and he would show it to her. He tells her his system was a little different then most. It is easy to get my house. The hard part is getting out. The scene opens with him showing Brenda the ropes.

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