She Just Wanted To Take Sexy Photo's

41 photos; 26:59 video

  With Jennah Luv and Brenda Bound

   Jennah had always wanted to take sexy photo's like her friend Brenda. She gets her chance when Brenda had a client that wanted some bondage photo's. Jennah and her boyfriend was setting at the house one evening and she had noticed some photography lights set up. He tells her the he had a surprise for her and wanted to take sexy photo's. She was very excited and went to the wash room to freshen up. When she returns he was all ready for her. He goes and gets a pile of rope to start getting her ready. Jennah was really nervous never being tied up like her friend before. He gets her in a very tight chicken wing hogtie and she starts to complain. He just tells her that this is what she wanted to be like her friend Brenda. A few minutes later a knock was at the door. It was her friend and Jennah just new something was not right.

   Brenda comes over to inspect Jennah to make sure that this is what the client wanted. Brenda and Jennah's boyfriend start talking about how good of money this was going to make them. But there was one problem there was supposed to be two girls in the photo's. That is when Brenda finds out she was the second girl. See Jennah's boyfriend had always wanted to tie up Brenda because she is so good and with them big boobs was sexy as hell. Now Brenda was stuck. To get the money that was offered to her she had to do it.Jennah could not believe what was happening to her. Not only did she have to do these photo's she was being sold to the scum bag that ordered the pictures. Now she was scared as hell.

   Jennah's boyfriend gets Brenda all rigged up in the same chicken wing hogtie and lays her next to Jennah and gets some hot photo's of his own. He just leaves them there for a while to struggle and try and get loose before they had to go deliver Jennah to the Buyer. After a little bit goes by he releases Brenda to get Jennah ready. Brenda was bitching up a storm about being tied up like this. He just tells her to shut the hell up. You liked it and you no it and besides that you wanted this money to.

   The two of them get Jennah ready. he puts her over his shoulder and takes her to the truck of the car. Now he didn't even no this. The man buying her was a mean man and loved to torture women. Before being taken to him Brenda was to put itching powder all over Jennah's feet and tie her heels to her feet to suffer while she was being drove to the buyer, She was screaming in agony from the powder. Brenda just tells her you better get used to it because there is a lot worse then that to come.

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