Cock Box

31 photos; 45:08 video

  Cbt,made Male Orgasm, and Hand Job Fetish all in one.

  With Brenda Bound and Lee

   He had been messing up for days now and Brenda had enough. A friend of hers was a carpenter and she had a special box in mind to have made. She told the guy what she wanted and he said no problem he could build it. She gave him his height and weight and about what size she wanted it. She had locks added for extra security to make sure he was not getting out. Brenda just kept quit about everything until the call came one night. The box was done and Her friend delivered it for her. She told Lee to go out in the garage and get her new toy and bring it in. He lays it down on the floor and is ordered to strip. He thought it was just a confinement box until Brenda uncovers the hole in it. She tells him to lay down and stuff your cock and balls in the hole. It didn't take long for him realize what was getting ready to happen. She belts his legs together and puts a hood over his head. When she closed the top part of the box it was really tight on him making it hard to breath. Now he couldn't see or move at all and his cock was hers for the taking with no way to stop her.

   Brenda had just got her nails done and they was very sharp. She starts with a nice tease to bring up the sensitivity level. Then she gets out the toys. If you have ever had a hair brush used on your dick at its highest level of sensitivity you would loose your mind. Now she was ready to have some fun. She put a L bracket against his cock and taped it in place. Making his cock stand straight up so she could focus on the head only. All he could do was just moan with agony at the sensation and she was just getting started.

   The next thing blew his mind. Brenda heated up the baby oil bottle in the microwave. She gives him a long hard hand job stopping just short of his orgasm. This went on for a while over and over until he just about gets off. Now Lee is completely spent. his mind begs for release. His cock is so hard it aches with anticipation. His balls was full and the pre cum just drips from his cock. Brenda knew he was close and loved keeping him there. Next her favorite toy comes out and he hears it. The Hitachi!!! with expert precision she starts and stops it over and over. At this point Lee is shaking, his mind gone, every once of energy lost. Then the Hitachi is switched on for the last time making him blow his giant wade in a puddle of humiliation. Not being able to move. Not being able to thrust the orgasm it just dripped and flowed from his cock until every drop was drained form his balls. Then Brenda just quietly wipes her hands of and leaves him there for the night.

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