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The Hogtying Of Taylor

Introducing the super sexy Taylor Sinn back to the world of bondage. Taylor had been out of the business for a little while and was itching to have her limits pushed. She had been looking at several producers work to find the right one. She contacted me and told me who she was and what she was looking for. I told her sounds like a plan. We set something up for the next week. She arrives on time all ready to go. She walks in and I was at aw with me self. Tall with that long beautiful hair very nice tan and those perfect breast. I knew this was going to so much fun. I just hope she was ready.

For our first set I put in some super shinny leggins with know panties and a sexy crop top with the perfect set of heels. Now it was time for the fun to begin. I tie her hands behind her back and start with the crotch rope. I work on her legs welding them tightly together. I then add the panel ball gag. Next comes the chest harness. I weld her elbows together to prepare her for the chicken wing. Her arms are so tight together I can barely get the rope in between them. Now it was time to put her on the floor. But not before I make her hope in place for our enjoyment. Once on the floor I tell her to struggle. I laugh as she tries to get loose. All ready being so tight she can barely move and I hadn't even put her in the hogtie yet. I add the hogtie rope cranking her back in a nice arch. Now she is really tight. Next came the blind fold. I didn't want her to see what was next. After enjoying my work I role her to her side. I add some tight nipple clamps. These are my new clamps. They have ridges in them that dig deep in the nipple. Very effective I have to say. She screams through her gag as I put them on. I just laugh as I am telling her. Remember you wanted this and you wanted to push your limits. After the scene was over all she could do was just lay on the floor completely exhausted and happy at the same time.

Taylor Even Gets the Nose Hook

Taylor finds herself in a extreme back arching hogtie. Cranked back almost at a 90 degree angle. She is frog tied ball gagged and nose hooked. No mercy was shown on this sexy milf. To top things off she is hair tied and crotch roped. Her elbows are slammed together and tied in place. She is all bent up for our enjoyment.

Panty Hose For Taylor

Taylor is put in a panty hose encasement. She needed a lesson in discipline. I step in and tape her up. Her arms are slammed together and her legs welded. I put hose over her head and cleave gag her. She will learn to do as she is told. I ask her to struggle for me. She moves a little bit but not near enough. I step in with me high powered electric fly swatter and wacko. She is moving now.

I Hog Cuffed Myself

The evening started out like any other evening. I had taken a shower and put on my high heels. I was completely naked,shaved and fresh make up. This is how he likes me when he gets home from work. I was walking to the kitchen when I noticed the door was unlocked going out to the work shop. He had always told me to never go out there. I couldn't help it and had to see what was out there. When I walked in the shop I was blown away at what I seen. He had never let on that he was into this. I loved it and it made my horny just thinking about it. I found all the hand cuffs and thought I would put them on to surprise him. I put the ones on my ankles first then attached my hands behind my back. I run another chain through both sets of cuffs and clicked it on. I was hoping he would be on time because I Had forgot to look for the key first. Now I had to just lay nude in his play room that I wasn't to be in and wait on him. Of course he was running late. He came in and seen what I had done. He says I told you not to be in here. I tried to tell him that I loved this stuff but he had shoved a large ball gag in my mouth. He starts adding more and more cold chains to my naked body. They dig into my flesh with know mercy. He makes me roll around and struggle to get loose for his enjoyment. He even stepped back in and added zip ties to tighten me up even more. Maybe I should have waited for him to show me his room.

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