Reprogramming Kimmy The Birth Of A Bondage Bot

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With Kimmy Lee

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My little sexy Asian Kimmy needed some help. For years she tried to be submissive and enjoy bondage for me. Her heart was always into it but her mind never was. If only she could be reprogrammed so her mind would love it to. After many many hours of research and trial and error. I think I came up with a plan. I had invented a computer program to reprogram the mind and it was time to put it to the test.

After work one night Kimmy pops over for a little fun. I was just finishing up with the last code when she arrives. She sits down and see's what I am doing. I explain to her what I had done and made and what it might do for her. She was pretty tired and relaxed and thought let's try it. I put the special brain pulse helmet her and hook it up. I type in disable to erase her thoughts. She goes blank instantly. I type in a few key words like Bondage, Submission, Horny, Orgasm and hit enter. I also programmed her to work by remote encase she needs shut down right away. With in seconds she comes to with this blank star on her face. I first thought wow this might just work. I stand up and remove the equipment. I take the remote and try it. I hit horny. She instantly starts moaning and feeling herself. I hit orgasm and she goes into convulsions with the strongest orgasm she had ever felt. I hit strip she strips instantly. I hit orgasm once more she starts to shake all over has she fingers herself. I hit stop she goes still. I hit orgasm again. She instantly starts to have a powerful orgasm as she shakes with pleasure. Now it was time for the real test. I hit bondage. To my surprise she instantly puts her hands behind her back becomes very submissive.

I hit play room on the remote. She gets up and heads straight out there. She walks in and see's the rope on the floor. She can't wait to have it on her. I remote her to face forward with her legs spread. She responds nicely. I step in and put her in one of the tightest strappado's I had ever done. You can see her face that she is completely in her happy place. Next I take her down into a hogtie from hell. The crotch rope drips with pleasure. I roll her to her side and had nipple clamps. She looses it. Complete orgasm. So we have it. The Birth Of A Bondage Bot.

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