The Cat Suite Burglars Went To Far This Time

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With Enchantress Sahrye And Brenda Bound

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Bondage, BDSM, Damsel In Distress, Rope Bondage, Cat Suites, Nudity, Girl Girl, Hogtied, Hogtie, Gagged, Elbow Tied, High Heels, Latina, Breast Bondage, Struggle
There had been a string of burglaries in the neighborhood and all the home owners were on edge. There were two women AKA (The Cat Suite Burglars) ransacking homes and stealing valuable jewelry from the unsuspecting home owners. Everyone was having security systems installed and having guards walk the neighbor hood hoping to stop these women. They were good. They would be in and out with out a trace or a sound.

The last house at the end of the block was a big beautiful home. They new that there was valuable items there. A single man lived there that kept to his self. Except for the occasional women coming and going you never scene anyone around. He was a high powered business executive. His lavish cars and beautiful home was going to be there biggest hit. One day while casing the home and security system they seen the man packing his car. With the amount of luggage he had it looked as he would be gone a while. They continued to watch the house. As the mail piled up in the mail box they new no one was there.

It was a dark stormy night. The women AKA (The Cat Suite Burglars) new this was there chance. With the heavy rain and the thunder they new they could slip in and out with out being caught. They pick the lock on the back door and disable the alarm system. They hit the mother load here. Knowing they couldn't get everything in one haul they made a plan to come back. They took everything they could this trip. They ransacked about half the house when they came a crossed a door that was locked with several bolts. Thinking this was it. This is where the big money and jewelry was. They go to work on the locks. It didn't take long before they knew they needed more equipment to get this door open. They make plans for the next night. It was a mistake they would never forget.

It was late the next evening. The home owner had gotten home from his trip. He was tired when he came in and just went to bed not knowing he had been hit. The women not knowing he was there came back later that night. They went straight to work on the door. Making noise not suspecting anyone would hear them. They got the last lock open. When they entered the room thinking about the haul they was about to get they were surprised with what they saw. It was what appeared to be a BDSM room. They first thought what kind of man was this. They looked around and seen all the rope and devices. Enchantress comes up with the idea of playing around instead of doing there job. Brenda reluctantly agrees. Enchantress makes Brenda strip to here panties. She hogties her and is playing around. Still not realizing the home owner was home she paid no attention that he was watching from the open door. When he entered the room Enchantress was startled. She couldn't believe this had happened. After all those robberies they finally got caught. He orders her to strip. She is babbling and scared of him. She asked what are you going to do to us. He tells her to do has she is told or he will call the police. Not wanting to go to jail she strips. He orders her to grab some rope and tie her legs. After she binds her legs he steps in and puts her in a strict hogtie beside Brenda. He turns to Brenda and tightens her up a bit. Smashing her elbows together and cranking up the hogtie. Both women are sobbing and drooling at the situation they were in. The man tells them he has special skills and you bitches are going to pay for what they had done. Knowing they couldn't get loose he tells them to struggle. If they could free them selves they could go with out harm. Knowing they would still be there in the morning the man just leaves them there to plan there demise.

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