Back To Back Yoga Bondage

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With Brenda Bound And Amanda Fox

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Bondage, BDSM, Damsel In Distress, Rope Bondage, Hair Fetish, Back To Back, Yoga, Breast Bondage, Nipple Clamps, Cleave Gags, Ball Gags, Hair Brushing, Indiana Tie, Upskirt, Struggle
Custom video. Thank you so much Mark. This was a lot of fun to make.
The girls was setting around brushing each others hair. They was talking about how much they loved long hair and how hard it was to take care of. They always get so stressed out about keeping there hair nice. Amanda comes up with the idea to practice yoga so it would take there mind of there hair. They start with a couple simple positions and it is starting to relax them. They move to a back to back sitting position on the coffee table touching there hair and heads together. After a few minutes of this Brenda's husband walks in. He see's what they are doing and just laughs. He asked what are you silly girls up to. They tell him they are practicing Yoga. He says yoga your kidding me. Then it hits him. He tells them he has an idea. They are like what kind of idea. He says let's add some rope. He thinks that adding rope would help there Yoga practice by keeping them in position longer. They agree and it was off to the play room.

The girls walk in and he has them sit down and remove there shoes. He has them sit back to back in a Indian position. He adds rope after rope tight and tighter. The girls are starting to protest about there situation. They are like this isn't working the ropes are to tight. He was saying sure it is, can't you feel the therapeutic results coming out. I do he tells them. They keep complaining so he shoves a ball gag in there mouths crossing the straps in the back holding there heads together. He wraps duck tape around there heads several times blind folding them. He tells them to relax and enjoy there yoga training. They start fighting against the ropes trying to get loose. He tells them to struggle go ahead try and get out if you can. After several minutes of this the girls are tired and fed up this. They want loose and out now. He tells them he has another idea of the there faze of training. He wants to stand them up back to back. The girls was like this is stupid. You are doing this to just have some fun with us. He was like no I am not. I really think we are on to something here. Just think about how many people we will help doing Yoga bondage. He unties them and tells them now stand up and get back to back.

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