3 Generations A Family Portrait

528 photos; 27:45 video

With Brenda Bound, Kendra Lynn and Her Real Life Mother Scarlett Munroe

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(CUSTOM COMMISSION) The Script: The car is driving up the dirt driveway. The three women in the car are talking.Mom, are you sure that this is where the studio is. I mean it doesn't look like much.The blonde grand daughter asks her mother who is driving. The girl is in the backseat while her mother and grandmother sit in the front seat. They are all dressed up in blouses, dresses and high heels.Kendra, dear, this is where my student said it was located. He wouldn't send us to a false location so relax, "this should be a great photo shoot and family portrait.The three laugh and talk as they approach the building and then stop. They get out and now the mother (Brenda) questions the site.OK, mother, are you really sure this is where he said it was.Yes, Brenda, dear. Hello, anybody here.The three women walk into the studio.This is a very strange looking photo studio, Kendra says as they enter.Mother, I think your student told you wrong. Lets get out of here.As they turn to leave, Les comes in.Ladies, welcome to the Glamour Shack. I see you found it. I was told you would be coming.Les, obviously doesn't look like a photographer.This doesn't look like a studio, Brenda says Yeah, this place is a dump. And I came dressed like this, Kendra remarks.I apologize for my granddaughter. You know how young girls are today.No need for an apology. Now why don't we get started. How about I take your granddaughter first to do some closeups and individuals.That sounds good. We cant wait to see how glamorous we can get.Les and Kendra leaves.

The two older women go over and sit down on two chairs.You know, Mom, how well do you know that students. I mean this still doesn't look like a studio.They talk in chit chat for a few minutes and then they hear some muffled screaming.What was that, mom. It sounded like Kendra.The two get up and run into help Kendra. They enter the room to see her bound with her hands behind her back and she is gagged with a ball gag in her mouth. She is completely naked and is being pushed to her knees.OH, MY GOD, what is going on here. Why is my daughter naked and tied up.Well, ladies, this isn't a photography studio but rather a bondage studio. And you, three are being XXXX.How dare you do that to my granddaughter. Untie her and put her clothes back on. My student knows we are here. I know he does, professor. After all who do you think I work for. It seems he is tired of being treated badly by the bitch professor who is failing him. Now ladies, strip off everything including the shoes.After this dialogue, Les can ab-lib any talk.Brenda and Scarlett slowly disrobe everything off. They stand there with their hands up and then are told to go over and stand against the two poles. They are then bound to the poles. Legs bound at ankles, below knees, above knees, around thighs, around waist, through crotch. Ropes around breasts, above, below, down between them, Ball gags in their mouths. Next he stands up the Granddaughter and ties her in a standing spread eagle connecting the ropes to her mother and grand mothers crotch ropes. Making her stand high on her tiptoes to not split them into by there crotch ropes. He slaps and man handles them for some fun. Grouping the grand daughters tits and slapping her firm ass. All the three of them will stand there struggling for a while. He goes to get the camera to take pics for his boss to show there predicament.

Scene two:All three women are now bound to the three chairs. Their legs are bound to each front chair leg and knees are tied to the front chair leg as well. Tied at boobs, waist, crotch rope and all three struggle and fear for there lives.. ( I want wrists pulled behind them and the chairs, breasts tied the same as at the poles.) ( Kendra and Brenda get ball gagged and drool profusely all down the front of them. The grand mother get's taped gagged to shut her up. The grand daughter spreads her legs wide almost offering her pussy to the man to save them.

Final scene:Kendra and Brenda get tied in upside down suspensions and Scarlett is bound underneath them on her knees. They have their legs bound together at ankles, knees, both above and below, around thighs and still have crotch rope on. Breasts are still tied above, below and between. They are still wraparound tape gagged. Same with the grandma on her knees. In addition grandma breast ropes holding her up and tied to the the crotch ropes of the other girls. If she lowers her self she causes extreme pain to her family.
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