The Mad Scientist Sarah Arrives

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With Sarah Brooke

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Sarah had been to doctor after doctor to over come her fear of sexual release and nothing has worked. She was reading a hand book at the last doctors office and seen an add in the back. It was an add about a scientist conducting clinical studies on human sexuality and orgasm release. Sarah called the number on the add to make an appointment to discuss her situation and to see if she qualified for the study. After talking to the receptionist it sounded good and there was a good possibility she would qualify for the program. She makes an appointment with the scientist a week from Thursday. The lady on the phone told her that was things that Sarah needed to do to prepare herself for the program. Sarah was not to touch herself down there for the next week. She was to watch at least an hour of porn each day. She was to be clean shaving and two ware stockings and high heels everyday till the meeting. Sarah thought these request was very unorthodox but at the request of the scientist she did what she was told. At this point she was willing to try anything to over come her fear of release. That afternoon she went and bought some stockings and garters and a couple of nice skirts. She shaves her bush that night before going to bed. The next morning before going to work she get's dressed in her new stockings and mini skirt. She just hoped her friends at work wouldn't say anything about her new look. Even tho she didn't like watching porn she did what she was told and watched an hour of porn before leaving for the office. Things went on like any other day. Except for all the guys at her job commenting on how good she looked. It was lunch time and she was eating at her desk. She started thinking about everything. The porn she watched this morning. The feeling she had of being exposed with just stockings and garter and no panties. The way everybody was commenting on her. For the first time in years she started to get wet and excited. At first it was a weird feeling to her. She started to become flushed and a little embarrassed even tho she was by herself. As the week went on she did everything that was asked. She found it harder and harder not to touch herself. By the time her appointment came to meet the scientist Sarah was so horny and wet with anticipation. She couldn't believe how she felt and how overwhelming the feelings was.
The day finally arrives. Her appointment was first thing in the morning at 8am. Sarah didn't get any XXXX at all. She gets up early and watches her porn before getting dressed. She fumbles around all morning getting ready. She is so horny and wet with desire she has a hard time functioning. She leaves early to make sure she is not late. She sat out in the parking lot for about 30 mins before she went it for her appointment. She reflects on the feelings she had and thought this could really work. For the first time in years she could be free from her sexual fear.
She walks in and a very well dressed woman was setting at the table waiting for her. She had on a lab coat and was reading some paper work. Sarah sets down at the table and the lady introduces herself as Brenda. She tells Sarah that she is the scientist that will be conducting the study on her today. She asked Sarah if she had done everything that her receptionist had asked her. Sarah tells her yes. Sarah also tells her that she had been having these over whelming feelings of desire and that her private parts was always wet. The scientist was pleased to here that and tells Sarah that she will work out great for the program and was excepted. They talk for a bit more and the scientist wanted to get started that day. Sarah asked her how long she would be here and if she needed anything. The scientist tells her a few days should do it and she didn't need anything. Sarah signs all the documents for the study and get's herself ready. The doctor looks over everything and tells Sarah to come with her. The scientist takes Sarah out to a very strange looking area. There was noises in the back ground that made her very nervous. The scientist shows Sarah around and shows her different implements that would be used on her today. Sarah is very nervous and scared at this point. The scientist ask Sarah to strip down to her stockings and panties. She tells her that you won't be needing any clothing for the rest of her stay. Sarah is very embarrassed being mostly naked in front of such a powerful women but was excited at the same time. She tries to cover herself from the scientist as she directs her to another room. It was a wood room filled with bondage equipment and cameras to film the progress. The scientist hands over Sarah to her assistant to prepare her. This scared Sarah. He was a strange looking henchman that wore a mask and didn't speak. He goes to work on Sarah right away. Strapping her arms behind her back. He puts a heavy harness around her waste. It had a strange device attached to it that laid against her private parts. After tightening everything in place. He reaches around and turns it on. The first vibrations hit Sarah like some one punched her in the stomach. As the sensation overwhelms her she begins to breaths hard. He keeps adding and adding more straps. The scientist comes in to see the progress. She is very pleased with what she see's. Sarah is beginning to moan with pleasure as the scientist stands her up so her assistant can gag her. He also blind folds her to take away her sight so she will focus more on her feelings. The scientist reaches down and turns up the device. Sarah can feel her first orgasm in years building. This is what she is so scared of. The scientist turns it to high. There was know stopping it. The first orgasm was ripped from her body. She shakes from the feeling. Her legs are wet from the sex running down them. As the next orgasm builds the scientist adds nipple clamps to Sarah's situation. She wanted to add a pain factor in. She leashes Sarah and starts to walk her out. She takes her out to the lab for exerciser. About the the time they enter the room the next Orgasm hits her. Her legs tremble as the scientist makes her hobble around the lab. Sarah is wreathing in pain and desire. The scientist sets her down in a chair and is left alone for the first time. She leaves her there for several minutes before returning. She is very pleased. She tells Sarah that her progress is wonderful. She puts the nipple clamps back on Sarah's tender nipples. She grabs her leash. She tells Sarah the program is working and that in the days to come she will diffidently over come any fears she might have of orgasm and walks her Sarah to her next experiment
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