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Bondage, Damsel In Distress, Long Hair, Struggle, Drool, Girl Girl, made Orgasm, Role Play, Spanking, Groping, Stockings, Extreme Heels, Domination, Collar And Leash, Dominated
CUSTOM COMMISSION Story line: Gal seeks her friends help in making her boy friend happy.
Prelude (opening): You and Carmen are sitting around and talking.
You: You look like you have something on your mind. Anything you want to talk about?
Carmen: well,my boy friend is trying to get me into bondage .
You: And?
Carmen: well I'm not sure if I'd like it. He wants to tie me up,spank me and use a magic ward on me,whatever the heck that is. I don't want to hurt he's feelings if I don't like it.
You: Well me and my boy friend do this a lot and for us,its a real turn on!
Carmen: I afraid of whips.
You: we don't use them. I just had a idea. How about I introduce you to this . You can see if you like it before you do it with your boyfriend.
Carmen: Would you? Oh,that would be great.!

Part#1; Scene opens with Carmen over your knees: She is wearing a collar and leash and her hands are bound. You pull up her dress, Pull down her panties and proceed to spank her. Her legs rise and fall The backs of her heels come off her feet and one of her heels falls off. She is enjoying this. You stop and get her onto her hands and knees and lead her by the leash to the next area.

Part#2:You are walking around Carmen. You take off your blouse and skirt.
Carmen: What are you doing Brenda?
You: getting a little more comfortable for the next part.
Carmen: there's more than this?
You: oh ya!
( during the following, Carmen plays damsel in distress. She says things like, hey, what are you doing, stop that, you can't do this to me, no, don't take off my garters, oh, my bra--- you get the idea)You start pulling, yanking at her dress, start pulling, cutting ripping it off her.Next you unhook all her garters (hopefully her stockings will start to slide down), next you unhook and remove her garter belt.Than you cut off her bra straps and then cut the front of her bra. Lastly, you cut or rip off her panties. In the process of stripping her, her legs are rising and falling moving around and she loses one of her heels.

Part#3:Carmen is tied down to the bed. You are standing over Carmen. You remove your bra panties and garter belt. As you are doing this Carmen asks you what you are doing?
You: oh,getting ready for the last part of your introduction. Getting more comfortable.
You get on top of the bed and and slip off one of you heels and put it in front of Carmen's nose.
You: Sniff my shoe, Nice isn't it? That's it,take a deep breath!
You proceed to run your hands up and down Carmen's nylon legs, up and down (getting them wrinkly and messy.You then place your legs on either side of Carmen's head and have her start to suck your stocking leg. You then peel off your stocking and rub it in Carmen's face and on her body then put the stocking around your neck. You then take the heel you removed and spray the heel with whip cream and make Carmen lick your heel. You then spray the whip cream on Carmen's nipples and stomach just above her peach and proceed to lick the cream off her nipples. You take both of your legs and place them on either side of Carmen's head. Lastly,you bring out the magic ward and proceed to give Carmen a Orgasm. She really gets into it. Bucking around. Her legs go up to either one of your shoulders. You slip off one of her heels and suck on her toes, putting down her stocking as you suck on her toes. In the end as she reaches an orgasm, one of legs has a stocking hanging around her ankle (half off her foot), her other leg has her stocking around her knee/ ankle and her heel is dangling as she reaches orgasm and your other shoe slips off your foot (your stocking down around you knee/ ankle. The scene ends with giving Carmen a big kiss and letting her know that she is ready and her boyfriend is on the way. You walk out to leave Carmen in her own pile of sex to await her eager boyfriend.
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