His Past Caught Up To Him

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With Carmen Valentina And Lance Hart

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NOTE: This was a custom commissioned video. It is also one of the first Male female bondage video's I have made. If this is something you would like to see more of or not really into it please let me know. If enough fans would like to see this style video's I might even start a stand along site of Male bondage. Shoot me an email and let me know your thoughts. Email me at BrendaBound@yahoo.com
Lance wasn't always the perfect gentleman with his perfect little wife and perfect little life. Back in his collage days he had some friends that use to raise hell with him and got in trouble all the time. He had a friend named Les. They always was in trouble and in the wrong place at the wrong time. One night out at the strip club they came up with the idea to rob the club after they close. Seeing all this money exchange hands gave them the idea. The heist went down perfect but with one problem. They didn't see the surveillance camera's. Les was the one that actually did the sting and Lance was the look out. The camera's picked up lance but not Les. With some facial software they I'd Lance from his collage photo that was in there data base. The authorities pick him up at school the next day. They question him and he sang like a canary. He tells the authorities everything to gain immunity. The one thing he failed to tell them was he still had the money.
Fast forward 10 years later. Les's prison sentence was almost up. About 6 months left he started devising a plan to get revenge on Lance. He has his wife on the outside find him and to know everything about him and his perfect little life. The dumb bastard has everything coming to him. Les's release day came and went. He waste know time putting his plan in place. Being broke and a Felon in he needed the money to get his life back.
Les and his wife Brenda go to Lance's house. It was sun rise and low and behold no one was home. They make there way in the house and hide in the kitchen. They here Lance and his wife come in. One thing hadn't changed Lance still like to party. Lance sets down to check his phone when Carmen goes to get them something to drink. They grab Carmen and drag her back into the living room. They both were shocked at what was happening. Lance jumps up and begs for his wife to be let go. He screams at Brenda who are you. Brenda ask him. You remember your old friend Les? Lance was like yes I know him. Brenda tells him well I am his wife and guess who is out of Prison. Carmen was like Lance what is happening. Lance tells her to be calm and he would explain everything. Brenda tells them both to shut up and orders them to strip. As she throws Lance a roll of tape she tells him to tape your wife's pretty little mouth shut. She was tired of hearing her. As a matter of fact tape your mouth shut as well. She also tells him that Les would be here shortly. She makes the two sit down in chairs and wait for him. Carmen cries and sobs and lance can't believe this is happening. Les arrives with 10 years of anger built up. They tie the two of them to the chairs. Les asked Lance several times where the money was. Lance refused to say anything. He grabs and smacks Carmen's tits grouping her up and down. Lance's wife has know idea what is going on and who Les was. Lance begs through his gag for him to stop. Brenda rips the tape of Lance's mouth. He starts telling them the money is gone. Can't you see how gorgeous she is and how expensive she is. He says he spent it all on his wife and taking care of her. This really made Les mad. He didn't believe Lance. Brenda shoves a large ball gag in his mouth as Les unties his wife's legs. He tells Lance well maybe a little interrogation will jog your memory. Now let's get these legs open to your wife's pretty little pussy. He slaps and groups her again. Putting nipple clamps on her perky tits Lance begins to plead once more. Brenda takes the ball gag out and Lance's tells them them money in in the back yard under some landscaping over in the corner. You can see Carmen is furies at what Lance had gotten her into. Les leaves to go check, leaving his wife with them. Brenda was a sadistic little bitch herself. She grabs Lance's cock and starts to brutally play with it. Carmen shakes her head for her to stop. Brenda just tells her shut up because once he finds the money that the two of them have a long day ahead of them. He tells them 10 years of frustration will be paid back today.
Les returns a short time later with what he came for. He tells his wife to have some fun with them while he goes and counts the money. Brenda couldn't wait to get her hands and both of them. She spends most of the day tying them up and making them struggle. She teases and torments both victims making lance keep a dripping hard on. She tells him to get used that hard on because he will need it later, that his life depended on it. Les comes back and Brenda tells him to go get the car and bring her the incendiary devices. She ties Carmen down to the table on her back. She makes Lance straddle her with his tied behind him. With Carmen's hands tied in front of her and right at lances cock she tells her to keep him hard. She gags Lance and putts nipple clamps on him. She ties the incendiary device to his chest. and wraps the wires around Carmen's hands. She tells them both now this is how this works. As long as she keeps that cock hard and not let Lance cum they would be fine. But if his cock goes soft, well let's just say it won't be pretty. As she leaves them both to there demise.
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