Ex Con Poses As A Census Worked To Steal Her Identity In Ultra HD

44:58 video

With Angel Rose And Brenda Bound

Now in 1920x1080x8000kbps Shot in 60fps Ultra High Quality HD for a stunning clear download.
Bondage, BDSM, Damsel In Distress, Rope Bondage, High Heels, On Screen Gagging, Long Hair, Struggle, Pain, Elbow Tie, Hogtied, Hogtie, Big Tits, Panty Hose, Drool, Shorts, Sneakers, Pig Tales

The Script: The story idea is a ex con female disguise as a census worker knocks on the door of the heroine. The heroine is a curvy female fit but has some meat on her. She is wearing skimpy jean shorts and a cute shirt and tennis shoes welcomes the worker in. the worker starts to look around and the heroine ask when is she going to start. the con starts asking question like: Do you live alone,where do you work, do you have family or a husband and to the shock of the worker the victim is alone, Runs her business from home so she doesn't get out a lot or have friends and she was an orphan and has no family and due to being so busy from work she has no time for a relationship. So the con says that it must worry you if something happens to you that no one will come to your aid. the heroine shrugs it off and says I manage this far. So the heroine ask if we are done here let me see you out. As the heroine turns towards the door she doesn't see the that the con pulls out a cloth from her bag and grabs the women and clamps the rag over the heroines nose and mouth. The heroine wide eye with surprise starts to feel her body go limp and starts to pass out while the con tells her night night and the scene fades out. The scene will fade in to the heroine coming to and we she the con finishing tying up her ankles admiring the victims feet and also of the handy work. the heroine realizes that her wrist are tied behind her back as well as her elbows and rope above and below her breast and around her waist to secure her arms and her ankles and above and below her knees are tied tight and she mumbles "why is my clothes off(she is stripped to her panties. She starts to try to pieces whats going on but she is still dizzy. So the con start to explain that she is not a census worker but a wanted criminal and was using the ruse to find a place to hide but she found something better....Her. She explains that she is going to steal her identity and become her, The only problem is that she is in the way. so she starts taunting the heroine taking everything out of her purse like drivers license and all of her identification stating she knows someone that can change the pictures to be her and to add insult to injury she takes her keys to her car and taunts that she will enjoy the ride in her new car. At this point the victims has shook of the cob webs and starts to protest that the con is insane and will not get away with this. That's when the con says and who is coming to your aid?? Miss to busy to have a life and no family and then shove a rag in the victims mouth deep and starts to either uses micro foam tape or vet wrap to gag the heroine. After she is done she grab the heroine head and looks right at her and says "I am going to be gone for a wile getting my I mean our affairs in order you have that time to do you best to get loose because when I get back I will have to get rid of your cute fit body and those cute feet, The heroine with total terror and wide eyes shakes her head in disbelief and as the con leaves the she say's in a fiendish way you better practice holding your breath laughing as she locks the door. The heroine fanatically tried to escape and tries her best because of the coming fate that is coming for her she struggles to reach the phone that's on the table with her feet knocking it on the ground only to realize the con removed the battery. She then struggles to found a way to get free only the con removed any hope of freedom the ropes are to tight and secure so she starts to try to scream for help but the gag is to effective.
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