O Lord What Are You Doing

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With Shelly Dare AKA Sunshine

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Bondage, BDSM, Damsel In Distress, Long Hair, Struggle, Pain, Drool, Extreme High Heels, Big Tits, Big Boobs, Long Legs, Gagged, Nun Fetish, Spanking, Female Domination, made Orgasm, Taboo, Stockings, Bra And Panties, Pump Gag
CUSTOM COMMISSION (The Script):Sister Shelly has gone to visit the mad scientist. She has heard of Brenda's extreme experiments in orgasms and demands that Brenda leave town. Brenda hears her out and laughs, and starts circling Sister Shelly in amusement. Brenda remarks on Shelly's sexy makeup. Shelly is indignant. Brenda starts touching Shelly, on her ass, on her arm, on her cheek, which Shelly does not know how to react to. Brenda suggests that Shelly is not really there to stop Brenda but instead to try Brenda's methods for herself. Shelly tries to deny this vehemently, but is not convincing, and Brenda goes from teasing her to hardcore domn, tying Shelly's wrists behind her back. Brenda tells Shelly to shut up and that she's had enough out of her. She picks up the strips of tape and presses them securely over Shelly's mouth, then demands that she stand at attention. Brenda, in dom mode now, begins to tell Shelly all the vile things that she's going to do to her, and that Shelly can't do anything to stop it because this is more than anything what Shelly wants. Shelly shakes her head fearfully and tries to say no, but Brenda whips her ass with the riding drop, demanding that she remain at attention. Shelly winces in pain with each blow but tries her hardest to remain standing up straight. Brenda gets right in her face and tells her she is going to break her, and Shelly tries to remain defiant, mmmphing "mmm-hmm..." in her gag.

Shelly is still tape gagged and her wrists are cuffed behind her. She now has the studded collar on and Brenda leads her into the dungeon on a leash. Brenda un cuffs and un collars her and orders her to strip out of her nun costume, except for the headgear, which she leaves on. Shelly protests but gives in and strips out of it and tries to cover herself with her hands. Brenda laughs to see Shelly's lingerie. She cuffs Shelly and peels off her tape, then re collars her and gags her with the bit gag. Brenda explains t Shelly that she is going to turn her into drooling, orgasmic mess. she puts the riding crop under Shelly's chin and makes her hold her head up straight. The camera fades out on a close up on Shelly's scared, gagged face.. intense gagging scene. Shelly, collared, is bound in a stringent Brenda-style chair tie, not yet gagged, wrists in front. Brenda produces one of her strap-gags with the inflatable ball. This scene is about the gagging. Shelly does not want the ball in her mouth, so Brenda taunts her and slowly XXXX it in, then very deliberately affixes the straps. Shelly emotes her terror with her eyes and turned-on but fearful noises.

Once Shelly is securely gagged, Brenda has her way with her , then leaves her holding a vibrator. Shelly realizes that she is not going to be set free until she goes to work on herself with it, and finally gives in to temptation, getting herself off with the vibrator.

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