The Silken Spider Toung And Careless

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With Shelly Dare AKA Sunshine

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Bondage, BDSM, Damsel In Distress, Long Hair, Struggle, Pain, Drool, Extreme High Heels, Super Heroin, Long Legs, Gagged, Spanking, Female Domination, made Orgasm, Taboo, Role Play. Glasses
CUSTOM COMMISSION (The Script): Shelly Dare is the Silken Spider, a young superhero, just starting out in her career. She has so much fun with her powers that it drives her wild. She has strength, speed, agility, the power to jump and bounce all over the place, and an uncanny luck that gets her out of the deadliest scrapes. She jokes while she fights, and she loves a mystery.

In her private life, she is funny and a little boy crazy (and girl crazy), the kind of gal who giggles at important meetings and loves hanging out with her friends all night. She is not afraid of anyone, and has a deep belief that no matter how bad things get, things will turn out great in the end. Even her super villains, who may hate her at first, end up thinking she's a great gal even as they get hauled away to jail, because her smile and charm is so infectious.

As our video opens, Shelly, in her costume, has made her way into Dr. Brenda's office to look through her files and to investigate the disappearance of a missing nun. But Dr. Brenda has been expecting this super heroine and surprises her from behind. Expecting to make an easy getaway, Shelly tries to evade Dr. Brenda and escape, but the Dr. is surprisingly fast. SUPER HUMANLY fast, in fact. As it turns out, the Dr.'s experiments have helped her to harness the human sex drive and give herself superhuman powers even greater than those of Shelly.

Having to fight, Shelly throws a punch. She is shocked when Dr. Brenda barely feels it and laughs. Dr. Brenda gets behind Shelly, gets one hand around her neck and the other hand over her mouth, and holds her until Shelly blacks out.

When Shelly awakens, she is still in her costume, but tightly bound in a sitting position, with her legs up and spread. Dr. Brenda comes in and taunts her, finally pulling Shelly's mask down around her neck, Shelly gives her attitude right back. The Dr. has a lot of fun with this because she knows that despite Shelly's sassy attitude, the young super heroine is completely helpless before her. After some banter back and forth, the Doctor cleave-gags Shelly, who teases that it won't shut her up. The Dr. tells her that the gag turns her on, which is bad news for Shelly, who begins to think she might not get out of this so easily.

Now it's time for the sex. With her legs tied up and apart, Shelly cannot resist Brenda's hand and sex toys as she brings her to orgasm, but Shelly remains upbeat and defiant, smiling and laughing in between her shuddering as she engages in this battle of wills with Dr. Brenda, vowing to resist succumbing to Brenda's sexual domination.... until she cannot resist, and has an insane orgasm that rocks her world. When Brenda has wrung the last shudder out of her she comes around and caresses Shelly's face and sweaty hair until Shelly can speak once again. Shelly admits defeat and asks to be released. Brenda tells her she will think about, then takes off Shelly's cleave gag and replaces it with a bit-gag and leaves her. Fade out on a close-up of Shelly's face and upper body as she struggles to regain her composure.

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