The Scarlet Spiderwoman Investigates

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With Terra Mizu

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CUSTOM COMMISSION (The Script): The Scarlet Spiderwoman (SSW) is serious and mysterious. No one knows who she is or where she came from. From the very beginning of her crusade against crime in the big city, she gained a reputation for ruthlessness and deadly fighting skills. When she defeats a criminal or a super villain, they end up taking a trip to the hospital on the way to jail.

Some say she is a vampire. Some say she is a resurrected assassin from Florentine Italy, returned to Earth in these wicked times to carry out the wrath of Heaven and Hell. No one knows, but villains who try to fight her experience clouded thinking, hallucinations, and often intense sexual arousal from her erotic aura, and always defeat at her hands.

SSW never wanted a partner, but Shelly Dare, the Silken Spider, would not take no for an answer. Shelly finally wore down SSW and convinced her to let her accompany her on missions. Finally, Shelly was able to break through SSW's icy shell and begin to stir feelings of friendship and sisterhood with the serious, deadly woman. For the first time, SSW began to believe she did not have to be alone in this crime-ridden world.

Then, the Silken Spider disappeared.

SSW realized immediately that something was wrong when Shelly Dare did not show up for their nightly meeting. She wanted more than anything to believe that Shelly was just sidetracked somewhere, but deep down she knew that something had happened to her friend. She would now stop at nothing to find her.

Our video begins: Fighting her way into the Mad Dr.'s ware house, SSW finds Shelly's costume draped across a chair. She knows she is in the right place, and calls out for whatever villains operate there to show themselves or face the consequences.

She hears laughter. Brenda enters. As they face off and SSW assures Brenda that she's about to get the beating of her life, Brenda merely smiles confidently and tells SSW to do her worst. SSW advances threateningly, and Brenda easily deflects her attack. Brenda is ably to grab SSW's neck and drive her backward against the wall. As SSW struggles to breathe, Brenda laughs evilly, then holds her other hand over SSW's mouth as she struggles, laughs in her face, and sarcastically tells her she'd better calm down and surrender or Brenda is going to stop being nice. SSW begins to black out, and Brenda releases her, stands back, and watches SSW try to compose herself.

SSW makes one last valiant attack, but Brenda gives her a savage right hook across the face. SSW staggers back and it's clear she's about to lose consciousness, and Brenda walks up and lands one more punch. SSW goes down. For the first time, SSW has been defeated. She lays sprawled on her back, XXXX and helpless as Brenda laughs over her.

When SSW regains consciousness, she finds herself in an extreme chair-tie, with her arms tightly bound behind her (to the elbows if possible), and her legs spread apart. She has several coils of a neck rope around her neck with a long lead hanging down the side and is cleave-gagged (which she HATES) and is very indignant, even though she still has her mask and costume on.

Brenda comes in and demands to know her true identity and origin. SSW tries to get Brenda to take off her gag, but Brenda tells her she can still understand her and it stays in. SSW refuses to talk. Brenda comes over, begins feeling her helpless captive up, and teases about taking off her mask. SSW is furious and tells her she'd better not or she'll be sorry, but Brenda knows that she has nothing to fear from this bound and gagged woman. Brenda dramatically removes SSW's mask and laughs at her. Then she says she will take off her gag for her. She un gags SSW and then eaves the room. SSW struggles to get free but can't.

Brenda returns with her black and red leather pump gag. SSW says "NO. DON'T. Don't you DARE." She is deadly serious, and Brenda doesn't care at all. SSW tries to keep her mouth shut tight as Brenda approaches her with the plug, but realizes that she has no choice. Her eyes burning with rage, she opens her mouth and stares at Brenda contemptuously. Brenda just smiles and slowly slides the plug into SSW's mouth. She straps the gag on very meticulously and firmly, then pumps it up. SSW feels that it is already too big, so the first pump makes her startle, eyes wide. She protests. She didn't know it would be this bad or she would have continued to resist, but it's too late now. Brenda enjoys each pump, letting it sink in that SSW is now being dominated and is not in control at all. When the gag is pumped up, Brenda unties the ropes that are fastened to the chair and makes Terra stand up. She leads her to the pole, and SSW is pole-tied. the neck rope made to look as if it is pulling her up tortuously.

Brenda's assistant comes in. Terra is horrified but helpless as the assistant takes control, feeling her all over, Brenda begins to work Terra's vagina with one of her vibrators, brings her to the point of orgasm, then stops. Brenda stands back and SSW has to work her own orgasm as the assistant gropes her. SSW cums and is humiliated by the experience. Brenda laughs. SSW tries to beg through her gag to be un gagged and Brenda simply says "No." SSW bows her head in shame.

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