She Should Have Just Paid The Rent

444 photos; 23:03 video

With Raven Eve, Sarah Brooke And Brenda Bound

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Bondage, BDSM, Damsel In Distress, Rope, Long Hair, Struggle, Pain, Drool, Tall, Big Boobs, Stretched, Hands Over Head, Big Tits, Blonde, Breast, Drool, Screaming, Blonde
Custom Commission The Script: 1) Scene 1 ( 6 min) Raven and Sarah are delinquent tenants , instead of paying rent they agree to be your tickle slave for a week . Both of them are naked and they are kneel down with hands behind their back await there slavery. You tell Reven to turn and she turns her back to the camera and you tie her hands behind her back with rope, then Sarah turns her back to camera and you tie her hands behind her back with rope. You ask if they are ticklish and your hands tickle their upper body. Both buck laugh and scream, soon you concentrate more on Raven because she seems more ticklish, but you also tickle Sarah too. You then harness ball gag both girls ( first Raven then Sarah) and have their upper body ( armpits, ribcage and sides) tickled by Your fingers. While tickling them you say you love to tickle blue eye girls laughing helplessly . After long tickle you took off harness gags and march them off , their hands still tied behind their back.

2) Scene 2 ( 14 min) You finally untied Raven and Sarah, but you tied them in new position. First you untie rope tying Raven’s hands behind her back, but use the rope retie her hands strung her wrists high above her head to ceiling chain and tied her ankles apart with bar. Then you untie Sarah’s hands behind her back but using rope You tied Sarah’s wrists strung up above her head to ceiling and tied her ankles apart to bar leg spreader..Your fingers than start tickling Raven and Sarah's upper body and make them buck squirm and laugh. You ask who is more ticklish, Raven said Sarah, but you said Raven lied because she is laughing more , so Raven must be more ticklish . You use harness ball gag Raven , then Sarah , and you give them some tickling , with Raven getting more tickled. ( with about 2 minutes left) Finally u un gag both girls and ask who spend the rent, Raven admits she did , so you untied Sarah and she helps you tickle still tied up Raven.

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