Two Hateful Bitches Get Taught A Lesson

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With Taylor Knight and Brenda Bound

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Bondage, BDSM, Damsel In Distress, Long Hair, Struggle, Pain, Drool, Suffer, Big Tits, Suffer, High Heels, Damsels, Taken, Blonde, Man Handled
CUSTOM COMMISSION The script: Clothing Brenda: Tight fitting trousers, nylons and open toe sandals, later knee-length dress (no mini skirt), nylons and open toe sandals. Hair tied in a ponytail.

Friend: Tight fitting dress (knee length, no mini skirt) nylons and open sandals.

Villains: street clothes and face masks.

General idea:

You and your friend are cock teasers. You mock a couple of guys who then take revenge

Scene 1
Both girls are walking in the garden when they are spotted by 02 guys in the distance. The guys whistle admiringly, but the girls mockingly give them the finger. When Taylor looks at the guys a second time, Brenda gives her a quick peck on the cheek then puts her in a gentle, friendly side headlock and walks her to the house. Taylor, good humorlessly assures Brenda that she is the one and that she is not interested in the guys. (Camera follows the girls as they disappear into the house). Scene 2
Girls are sitting in the house still laughing about the guys when suddenly the villains, having put on face masks, burst into the room. The villains overpower both of you. They put you both in a side headlock and march you outside. Outside. Holding you both head locked, the guys take you for a walk. You both struggle to get free and shout insults and abuse at the villains. The villain holding Taylor walks behind you and starts kicking you in the butt. (PS: camera stays at a fixed point. Everyone passes back and forth in before the camera. Use manly full body shots, meaning legs and feet included. Some close ups are OK but not too many) The friend yells at the guys to stop kicking Brenda. The guys oblige but only to reverse the roles. The one holding the friend takes the lead and the one holding Brenda kicks Enchantress in the butt. Like this they walk you both around for a while. Next, they push you into each others arms. The villains stand back and mock the girls, then give them a series of kicks in the butt. Then they push the girls on their knees and push their faces against the ground. Next they pull their victims to their feet, put both in a side headlock. Like this they walk the girls back to the house, (camera follows until everyone enters the house) where they clean them up. Scene 2
The avengers take Brenda outside again.(Friend is still locked in the room). She is dressed in a tight fitting dress, nylons and open toe sandals. They hold her arms locked behind her back and one holds her by the hair as well; Like this they push her along, hitting her in the butt with their knees. She shouts insults at them so to shut her up, one of them puts her in a side headlock, the other one walks behind her kicking her butt until she shuts up. They walk her around kicking her until she is exhausted . Villains let her slip to the ground. Brenda lies on the ground barely conscious. Then they go to get the friend. End of scene Scene 3
Avengers walk Taylor out of the house. One of them holds her in a side headlock. She shouts insults and struggles to free herself. The other villain walks behind her and kicks her in the butt. The harder she struggles, the harder she gets kicked. They walk her back and forth in front of the camera, until finally, she stops struggling and agrees to behave. One of the avengers pulls Brenda to her feet and when she attempts to break free, puts her in a side headlock. The guys decide to race the girls in order to weaken them. Holding their victims in a firm side headlock, the guys run them around. They use the whole space of the field passing back and forth before the camera. After several laps, the girls are exhausted and no longer try to resist. They simply cling to their attackers trying not to lose their balance. Finally the guys stop. Panting the victims promise to behave. The villains walk them back into the house. Camera follows until they disappear in the house. Scene 4>br> Victims are taken out of the house. Both are held in a side headlock. Like this they are walked around. Finally they are put in a strappado. After a final series of kicks in the butt, the guys leave the victims standing there.

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